Online programming course - when does it makes sense?

19 Apr 2018

Daniel Lydianov graduated from the Software University and several online courses, and at 21 he is one of the co-founders of an Web Agency, which is engaged in creating websites and online applications - Weband. He himself points to the advantage of online training - "I had to study online because I was working and physically it was impossible to attend in person."
He also recommended Udemy, Skillwise and Lynda as sites with good programming and web development courses, and the Bulgarian ones - tutorials.bg.

Daniel paid in many places, and for Lynda he paid more than $ 600 for year-round full access, recognizing that "it isn't a small amout of money," but he himself is pleased with his investment in education. But there is also a negative experience: "In our sphere, the market is overwhelmed by the so-called 'online tutorials' and unfortunately a small part of it is from qualitative and well-established sources."

Daniel Lydianov is of the opinion that Bulgaria has a lot of developer, but is not so many really good ones. For the final, he reminds that a 2000-3000lv salary is not the money for a beginner in the sphere, with the extraordinary work being extremely high and, according to him, "over 60% of the workers complain of mental fatigue, and many would prefer to live outside Sofia". So before you jump to learn JavaScript to buy a new car, think about whether programming really is for you.

You can find the original article (in bulgarian) here.