Custom Solutions

We have a rare blend of both design and development expertise that gives us the capabilities of building some complex and custom solutions, no matter how big or small.

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Why custom web application?

Who needs a custom web solution?

If you have an idea for a website or web app which you want your business to be focused on or you want to integrate in the working process of your company, a custom web solution is the service you seek.

As opposed to the other web services we offer, the custom solution website is meant for people and companies who will more heavily rely on their website for execution of their business.

You have full control and customizability

Custom web applications have many advantages over template-based website. Everything in your websites is created to work and look how you have imagined it. That way there is no unnecessary functionality to overcomplicated the web app and it is much easier to add new features or change existing ones - it is a lot more scalable.

Why custom web application?
What we do

What we do

Help you in every way

We offer our years of experience in building ideas into reality and developing complex solutions, to help you further develop your idea, by giving expert advice and suggestions. We keep in track with modern technologies, trending design and what is best achievable.

This means that the most initial requirement we need is just your vague idea and we will help you expand it.

Provide modern and powerful technologies

Building web application is our passion and our main expertise. That is why we always seek to improve our understanding of what is possible in the field today and keep track of innovative technologies and tendencies.

We offer complex websites using the full potential of Laravel or NodeJS for the backend service. Single-page applications are becoming demanding, so we offer Vue.js for dynamic front-end services.

Unique design and interactions

We tend to put great care in designing our projects. The designs we make are unique, modern, elegant and can even be funky. Whatever will best suit you and the concept of the website. And of course, they are also mobile friendly.

Our exceptional front-end team materializes these designs pixel-perfect and adds the necessary interactivity, animations and transitions, which make our web apps truly stand out.

How we do it

How we do it / Step 1

Tell us what
you have in mind

How we do it / Step 2

Build the idea with us
and we will make a
technical documentation

How we do it / Step 3

Make a fully custom
and unique design

How we do it / Step 4

Develop the visual
aspect of the website

How we do it / Step 5

Build the functional
system and admin panel

How we do it / Step 6

Integrate them
to work together

How we do it / Step 7

Get it tested
by our QAs

How we do it / Step 8

Confirm that it works and
looks the way you want it to;
Tweek this and that to perfect it

How we do it / Step 9

Deploy and Maintain

Want to make your idea into reality?

Tell us what you have in mind and we will help you in any way.

Whether you have just an idea or a sketch, or you have written requirements, we will pick it up from here.