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It doesn't matter if your retailing business is just starting up or has already been profitable for some years - having an online store is the next step you need to take!

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Why bother having an online store?

Increases sales

The beauty of the internet is that your prospective client can literally be just one click away from your online store. In the digital space your business is reached by a greater amount of people and it is easier for them to interact with it no matter where or when.

By having your own site you’re also building a new sales channel that you completely control, not subject to anyone else's design, fees, or market prices. Furthermore, nobody can advertise against you on your own website.

As your volumes increase, you may also require a more streamlined system to collect valuable customer information such as an email addresses, order history or shopping cart abandonment. This data is crucial to building a customer retention strategy – and essential to the long game.

Builds brand

Owning your own platform allows you to create your own brand identity, engage with customers in more meaningful ways and gives any small business customizable options and tools that fit specific needs.

An online store is a sign of brand maturity and tells customers that there is a serious business behind your product. It also makes your business seem more credible and dependable. People like to know that there is someone on the other end to answer emails or phone calls, especially for high priced items with long lead times.

Why bother having an online store?
Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We provide a powerful e-commerce solution

Development of E-commerce platforms is our main expertise. As such, it has gone through constant improvement and upgrades throughout the years, thus we can now proudly offer a complete e-commerce services, tailored for your needs.

In Weband, we work with passion and put care in every line of code and piece of design we do. We have an eye for details regarding design, visual effects and animations, dynamic functionality, control, user experience and security, in order to produce an optimal solution.

We regard you as a partner, not a client

We take it as a mission to help you achieve your digital success by realising a web store. The whole development involves you as a constant factor in the process.

We work with you to build up a solution precisely for your needs and offer our expert advice where needed. You supervise each step we take in developing the online store from the design to the implementation of the platform and we tend to be as flexible as possible in discussing and implementing your ideas.

What we can do for you

Some of the basic features that we offer include:

• Some of the basic features that we offer include:

• Cart with checkout

• Multiple payment options

• User module

• Customizable Content Management System

• Email Server

• Dynamic functionalities

• Modern/elegant/attractive design

• Full support and maintenance

• Discounts & promos

Tell us what else you have in mind and we will be happy to make it a reality.

What we can do for you

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