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For more than 6 years, we have been perfecting the services we offer, helping our clients to leapfrog their development through digitalization and a modern approach. We are focused on creative web design and development. We are most helpful with Brand and Identity building, Creative Design, and Development.

Product websites

We will make your site not just a site, but an excellent, one-of-a-kind presentation of your product or series of products.


Trisa Bulgaria

With over 25 years of presence in the Bulgarian market, TRISA Bulgaria specializes in producing toothbrushes and distributing oral hygiene products. We had the pleasure of creating their new website, giving it the most modern, clean, and creative look. We have also developed an online store.

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Trisa Bulgaria


Whether you are a start-up or an established business, our ultimate goal is to achieve high returns through your site.



AutoMotorParts® asked us to create a company website for them, the main purpose of which is to enable people who want to buy or already have a car that was previously owned by a customer of the company, to see its full service history, by VIN number. We also created an overall corporate identity.

Digital innovations

Innovation leads to more traffic, user engagement and brand trust. Give us a chance and we promise to do the impossible!



We have created a Landing page where you can interactively and with the help of 3D models of the products, look at your bottle, customize it and order it. We made it so that users have the ability to change the color of their chosen cap or case in real time and see how it would look in real life on the bottle.

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Each project begins with in-depth research and discussion, as a result of which great ideas are born.



We insist on building a concept and a clear action path, as this is key to the good implementation of the project.



Creating functional and satisfying project goals.



Once the design is finally approved, the project enters the programming phase.



Always before putting the final product into use, we make sure that everything works as intended.



Once we are convinced that we have done our best, we are ready to launch the site.

Аbout us

A team of specialists with many years of experience and great enthusiasm focused on web design and development. For more than 6 years under the Weband brand, we offer comprehensive web services, helping our customers to surpass their development through digitalization and a modern approach.

Offering complete solutions, we try to cover the project from the very beginning of the idea to the launch and long-term maintenance of the site.


We strive to create a culture, thanks to which each of us develops through experience, exchange of information, and training to become part of a highly effective team.

For more than 6 years we have been trying to focus our attention on improving the services we offer.

You will find success as a result of pre-set goals, gratitude, and appreciation that we have received in the process of our public engagement, for which we can be nothing but proud and grateful.

Thanks to our partners, we have the freedom and confidence to grow in exactly what we want to be the best at. When you are part of a long chain, even the deepest waters cannot immerse you.

We are a company whose vision of success is a process in which friendship is an integral part. We cannot be happier by the fact that there are so many businesses around us who we thank for being here and continuing to grow together with.

Part of our

Those without which Weband cannot reach its full potential!


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For the team of Weband, I can confirm that it is full of enthusiasm, ideas, flexible and unconventional thinking, aspiration and motivation to constantly discover new opportunities, to offer professional solutions to our cases and to fulfill the commitments with quality and in the agreed time. I am happy to recommend the company for projects in the field of web design, development and maintenance of websites.

"Trust in professionalism at Weband will not let you down. The most important thing for your future customers is to have a clear idea of what exactly they want and to look for the maximum because you can pass it on. ”

Our expectations were high, and the result exceeded them. Thank you for your efforts!

For us, as a project aimed at the development of culture in Bulgaria and in particular the art of illusion, it has always been important to work only with professionals. But to be a professional, you must not only be good at your profession but also do your job with love. That's why we chose and will continue to choose Weband because there are professionals working with imagination, passion, and love for their projects! Weband showed not only professionalism in the design, but also love for their work from the first letter of the code to the last semicolon.

Does anyone know what" technical supervision of high-risk facilities "is? Haven't you ever heard of it? Well - and Weband didn't know before we looked for them to make our new site - www.tehnad.com. But Weband and Tehnad, together, methodically and patiently, tackled a project that other web agencies have not encountered. A good website is not created with contracts and deadlines, but with a mission, vision, and a lot of work.

We recommend Weband's services with the greatest pleasure and confidence because we at Integra Digital received a final product that far exceeded our previous expectations. Weband's quality services have helped us grow our business and realize our dreams.

We would recommend Weband to other interested partners and friends. The communication was up to standard and we did not feel for a moment that we were alone in the development. The returned feedback gives the peace of mind that every customer expects. We knew how far the project had come and we could predict progress. It was a great pleasure for us at BadRock Radio to work with Weband. From the first to the last step, everything was precisely planned and executed to the last detail. We will be happy if we work together again in the future, not only on this but also on other joint projects.

We liked their processes very much and the project management was at a high level, so we couldn't miss anything. The communication platform that they use is also comfortable and easy to use.

They gave us really professional pieces of advice and additional knowledge so that the website can be good enough.


Interested in working together?

Send us information about your idea or an existing project and let us try to find a solution for you.

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