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With over 25 years of presence in the Bulgarian market, TRISA Bulgaria specializes in the production of toothbrushes and the distribution of oral hygiene products, as well as hair care products and electrical appliances.

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The main objectives of the site redesign were to build a visual identity similar to that of the Swiss branch of the company (trisa.ch), to solve all UX cases with the presentation of information to the end user, and of course to bring the design in line with current corporate designs industry trends.

By solving all the problems, we managed to create a clean and creative vision that is known by all Trisa customers in Bulgaria and the world.

Visual identity

The site's previous visual identity, while overly clean, at times gave a sense of incompleteness caused by having too much white space and several buttons per page.

💡 Solution:

The refresh of the visual identity started immediately after we noticed that there was a rounded element present in the Trisa logo. From there, we immediately added rounded buttons to further strengthen the visual weight and connectivity between the Trisa brand and the site.

In this way, we were able to refresh the overall concept without running away from the set standard of trisa.ch.

We managed to make the titles more interesting and clear as a pattern for users. Employing small and bold blue text to show the name of the section and then inserting subtext to further explain the section in more detail gives us a clear distinction between the information below the heading and the title. This way, the website got a much more intriguing and creative look.


The navigation on the site was based on burger navigation, which makes it possible to view everything available on the site, only when the navigation button is opened. Thus, users are involved in additional clicks to reach the information they want.

💡 Solution:

We were able to solve this problem by bringing the important pages of the navigation to an always visible place for users and making it so that they always follow users, no matter where they are on the site.

In this way, we have given a clear indication of where we really want to direct all users as traffic and easily, but also intuitively, get users into the chosen paths.

Pages that have subpages to them are easily labeled with graphic cues so that site users can easily understand what will happen when they hover over a link in the navigation without making them think too much.


Of utmost importance to the website is the presentation of all available product ranges.

As a user path, they were easily accessible, but the information in them was quite concise and it was possible for users in many situations to feel quite overwhelmed, at first glance, about what to do and how to look at all the products in the given category.

💡 Solution:

The first thing we did to make it easier for users to navigate through all the different products in a category was to bring the product switch to the same level as the title.

The other change we made is to enable users to be able to skip the different products in the given series. They were immediately below the given paragraph text and were getting lost.

By bringing out all the information on almost one line, we allowed users to constantly see the photo and next to it the information related to the product, as well as the possibility of its purchase. Thus, everything is visible in the same place and reinforces the distinction between the sections.


The Trisa.ch website featured animations in very few places, which we believe every modern website should have. They give the feeling of dynamism, one way or another.

That's why we implemented modern and simple but effective animations in the design concept.

By relying on creative animations, users are drawn to look deeper into the pages to discover exactly what the whole Trisa website has to offer. This is an opportunity for additional engagement and awareness of Trisa and potential sales.

Online store

We also created an online store - shop.trisa.bg, using the GombaShop™ platform - a product of the joint efforts of a team of designers, programmers, and marketers, each of whom has over 11 years of experience in building solutions for online commerce.


We tried to give the site as modern a look as possible, but still keep the distinctive signs and feel of the brand and the current Trisa Switzerland site, namely the clean look, clear message, easy navigation, and recognition among customers.

We have preserved the color palette as much as possible throughout the site so that the users immediately feel that the site falls under the umbrella of Trisa Switzerland.


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