From Trainee Web Designer to Project Management Lead


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From Trainee Web Designer to Project Management Lead.

How did you learn about Weband?

I decided I wanted to upgrade my knowledge and deal with what I was drawn to - web design. That's why I was looking for an internship opportunity in the field. After numerous sent applications, emails, and reviewing company sites, I accidentally came across Weband in a ranking for the best web design agencies in Bulgaria in Clutch. The rest is history.

What exactly does a Project Manager do at Weband?

What needs to be done :D I admire people who are outstanding Project Managers because this position requires a lot of things. Sometimes it's really scary. To be like that, you need to have a lot of experience behind you, a lot of knowledge in different fields, and not to give up easily. The project manager, literally translated, coordinates, must be able to understand both the client and each member of the team, be able to communicate with all kinds of people, know everything, how it moves, by whom, why, and all the other things around it.

How did your career path at Weband develop and how did you come to be part of the PM team?

When a person has the desire to develop in many different fields, to learn new things, to contribute as much as he can and he likes what he does, I guess it is inevitable. It wasn't my goal to be a Project Manager, but I guess my desire to take matters into my own hands, to be knowledgeable and informed, and most of all, my curiosity somehow led me here. To be honest, I have no idea when exactly I became "part of the PM team", simply because I want to be a part of everything :D.

How do you think Weband differs from everyone else on the market?

Some companies brag about their attitude to customers, others about the quality of services or products they offer, and others about the good prices they have for the market. I would say that Weband can boast of everything. People come to us because they know that we will do something different and that there is nothing that cannot be done with us.

Why are clear, specific processes and deadlines necessary in making a site?

As Harvey McKay said - “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." Clear, concrete processes and deadlines are necessary both in building a site and in everything in life if you want to achieve something. Many people do not have a clear idea about the things they want, they do something, but what exactly and whether it is the best for them is not known.

I would say it's the same when making a website. We are committed to the high quality of the products we offer and guarantee that they are made on time. None of this will be achievable if there are no clear processes and a plan to follow. And the deadline, as intimidating and stressful as it may be for some, provides a huge opportunity for growth.

What are the qualities and skills that a PM should have?

Must be organized or at least have a flair for planning and coordinating things. Must be able to listen and be observant. One of the most important skills, in my opinion, is communication with people, for which it is key that the person has the desire to learn every day and develop in different areas. And last but not least, I will say that he must be able to admit his mistakes and take responsibility.

Tell us about your biggest challenge in the company.

The hardest thing is to do something that is out of your comfort zone and it feels like a huge challenge every time. But these are the biggest and boldest steps that develop us, on the way to success. At the beginning for me, it was writing emails, then talking to customers. But with time one begins to get used to it and feel more and more confident in what one does. I believe that at Weband every day you are given the opportunity to face a variety of challenges, overcome your fears and develop at a tremendous pace, as long as you want to.

You started with an internship, and that was for web design. Has this helped you in any way in your current position as PM?

Definitely. I believe that to be a good manager of a restaurant, for example, you must have been a cleaner, a waiter, and a cook. In this line of thought, working as a designer, no matter what develops critical thinking, sharpens attention to detail, and teaches you to listen to others' opinions, accept criticism, to argue.

Do people have to be friends at work?

It is not necessary, just as it is not necessary that all friends work well together. But most of the time when they are, work doesn't feel like work. When people at work are friends, they work towards a common goal, they love what they do, they share the difficult and the good times together, and all this can be seen and felt.

What makes you proud of Weband?

Behind "Weband" are some great young people who are extremely talented, ambitious, motivated, and willing to get up in the morning, go to work, and ready to face the challenges that the day has prepared for them. These are people for whom there is no "I can't", who improve themselves every day, and a true example of how a person can succeed, as long as he wants to and works hard to achieve it, even in small Bulgaria. I'm proud of these people. For me, they are an inspiration and it is a real pleasure and privilege to be part of such a team because there is a lot of work, and money is easily earned, but such people - such people are rare.

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