Interview with Daniel Lydianov - jury at BGWeb 2018


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Interview with Daniel Lydianov - jury at BGWeb 2018.

How did the web turn out to be your professional career?

The web was one of the first serious things I had an encounter with and invested in during my childhood years. The "text editors" then made it possible to visualize part of a code and vice versa - they turned graphic production into code! That was the moment when I learned and understood that the same thing could be reproduced differently! I began to "cut" these pieces of code, track which part was responsible for, and therefore visualize what I wanted.

What would be more interesting about creation for an 11-year-old boy besides sites for everything? At that time I was making websites for all kinds of work. I had a site for myself, a site for my family, a site for games I liked, etc. So with the development of the web, I started to update my abilities and knowledge as I watched the web around me develop. More and more lessons began to come out and more interesting codes that could just be "taken" :)

After the "web period" there were times where I was interested in other activities, again in the digital sphere - video recording and processing, visual effects, etc. But I kept coming back to site development.

The Web became my professional field by accident when I realized that all I was doing could be making money. Weband has been around for two years, thanks to the passion that my colleagues and associates and I share.

What do you enjoy most about this activity?

Since I went through different activities and periods, I was able to understand that it was the web that attracted me the most.

One becomes addicted to something the moment he learns to use it to embody his ideas, views, and philosophies.

There are many such things in our lives, and that was my "tool" of embodiment. I chose programming because it gives me a field of creativity in the first place, the potential to solve serious problems and to develop my logical thinking. If you find these things in an activity that takes up 1/3 of your life, you will not have to worry about your future.

Would you encourage more young people to start working in the field of the web today?

Of course! I would encourage young people to do anything today. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity of inspiration and motivation for being able to change our future. And to do it in the field of the web is just a personal example.

What is the Contest Site of the Year for you and what motivates you to be a part of the jury?

It is not the first time that I will point out that an initiative such as Website of the Year, is not only useful but also something necessary for the development of the Bulgarian web. It provides commitment from both the organization and the participants. I am motivated by people like Justine Toms and the whole organization of the event. And being part of the jury, along with colleagues leading the industry, is an honor.

Your wish to those who hesitate to participate?

Hesitation is a waste of time that can be saved by making better decisions faster. And to make such decisions requires experience that can be acquired through action. Participate in Website of the Year so you can be assessed by people in the industry, leave a mark on the Bulgarian web and contribute to its development.