Weband: Investing in the future through mentoring


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Weband: Investing in the future through mentoring.

At Weband, we believe that our success is measured not only by the quality of our projects but also by our ability to contribute to the community. That is why we are proud to share our participation in the program Mentor the Young, season 6, which ended with an official closing event at Inter Expo Center Sofia.

This 3-month mentoring program allows us to invest in the future of young professionals, as well as to enrich ourselves personally and professionally.

Our contribution to Mentor the Young

Our participation in such initiatives reflects our philosophy of continuous development and sharing of experience and knowledge.

💡 Mentorship and inspiration

Daniel Lidiyanov took on the role of mentor in season 6 of Mentor the Young, sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of "Entrepreneurship" and "Business, Management, and Consulting". Through his example, Daniel emphasizes the importance of imparting knowledge and skills, which contributes to the development of a sustainable and competitive business environment.

"True leaders are those who inspire and encourage others."

🚀 Continuous development is the key to success

Evgenia Tosheva, in her role as a mentor last season and as a youth this year, emphasizes our value for personal and professional development. Her transformation from a mentor with a focus on "Design & Creative Arts" to a youth with a focus on "Project Management" and "Personal Development & Coaching" demonstrates the unique path of growth that we at Weband foster. This approach allows us not only to be leaders but also to be ready to learn throughout our lives, looking for new development opportunities.

🧠 Growth through sharing and learning

We believe that success and innovation come through a continuous pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. We are grateful to Mentor the Young for providing this opportunity to so many people.

"Investment in future generations creates a better environment for us."

We are dedicated to our mission of providing high-quality services while contributing to the development of our community. Our involvement in Mentor the Young is just one step towards achieving that goal. We have a responsibility to continue to give of ourselves and support initiatives that share our vision of innovation, learning, and development. Thank you for your support and trust!