Weband participates for the 5th time in the “Site of the Year” competition


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Weband participates for the 5th time in the “Site of the Year” competition.

For the fifth year in a row, the Active Web Development Foundation, founded by Justin Thoms, Lubomir Rusanov, and Metodi Drenovski, is holding the "Site of the Year"* competition, entitled "The best sites deserve recognition".

This year there are additional categories, one of which is "Podcast" - for all creators of this increasingly popular online format; Category "Personal Blog" and Category "Online Game". The new additions and the Mobile Application category are now free of charge and will be voted on only by the public.

For this year's edition, we had the great happiness, pleasure, and honor to contribute, creating the overall vision of the Competition.

Projects in all languages can participate in the Site of the Year 2022, as long as they are created in Bulgaria by Bulgarian teams and companies. A representative of the Youth Jury checks each project according to criteria that are precisely described and submitted by the titular jury. Then, a specialist from the main jury evaluates the participating project on a ten-point scale and leaves a comment. In order to start the voting, each member of the main jury declares their commitment / non-commitment to the participants in the Competition.

Weband participates for the 5th time in the “Site of the Year” competition image

The final evaluation of each participating project is formed as follows: 30% of the design evaluation, 30% of the programming evaluation, 30% of the marketing evaluation, and 10% of the legal compliance evaluation.

What "Site of the Year" gives to each participant after the end of the Competition is invaluable feedback from established professionals from various fields of the web: Programming, Design, and Marketing.

We at Weband® believe that there are talented people in the field of web in Bulgaria and together we must support, motivate and inspire to contribute to better web culture and business environment in the industry!

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. - Nancy Pearcey, author

Take advantage to register and take part in the most prestigious competition in the country until 28.08.2022, during the Early Registration period, in which the participation fee is BGN 120.

We have already registered our projects in the categories "Product Site" and "Online Game".

* The competition "Site of the Year" has been held since 2018 and aims to prove the high standard of the web in Bulgaria, giving room for expression to owners and creators of sites. All web developments are reviewed and evaluated by a national jury of experts in programming, web design, or digital marketing. The winners receive the prestigious award "Site of the Year" for the respective category, unique statuette, and diploma. The jury also presents a special award for contribution to the development of the Bulgarian web environment.