Weband Studio: Top in Bulgaria Manifest Awards 2023


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Weband Studio: Top in Bulgaria Manifest Awards 2023.

We are thrilled to announce that Weband Studio has been recognized in The Manifest’s prestigious Most Reviewed Company Awards. As one of Bulgaria's most reviewed web developers and design companies, our achievements have been featured in various categories, showcasing our commitment to delivering top-notch digital marketing, web development, and design services.

What are the Manifest Awards 2023?


The Manifest’s Most Reviewed Company Awards honors the top 15 companies that have received the most Clutch reviews over the past 12 months. Clutch is a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps businesses make informed decisions when selecting service providers.

Our Achievements

We are proud to share our Clutch reviews-based rankings in the following categories:

  • 5th place in "Most Reviewed Web Design Company in Bulgaria"

  • 4th place in "Most Reviewed Web Developers in Bulgaria"

  • 6th place in the "Most Reviewed Digital Design Company Bulgaria"

  • 6th place in "Most Reviewed Design Company in Bulgaria"

Weband Studio: Top in Bulgaria Manifest Awards 2023 image

What this means for our clients

These accolades are not just a testament to our hard work but also a guarantee of the quality we bring to our clients. 🔥 When you choose Weband Studio, you're opting for a service that has been vetted and highly recommended by numerous satisfied customers. 😌

The importance of customer reviews

Customer reviews are the lifeblood of our digital marketing and web development business. They provide us with valuable insights into what we're doing right and where we can improve. 💬 More importantly, they offer prospective clients a real-world glimpse of what to expect when working with Weband Studio.

Looking ahead

While we are honored by these recognitions, we are not resting on our laurels. We continue to innovate and strive for excellence in all our service offerings, including web development and digital marketing. 💪 Stay tuned for more exciting updates and projects from Weband Studio!


We extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients for their trust and support, without which these achievements would not have been possible. 🙏🏽 😌 We are committed to maintaining the high standards that have brought us this far in the Manifest Awards 2023 and look forward to serving you even better in the future.