Daniel Lidiyanov: Mentor at Innovation Station vol.4


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Daniel Lidiyanov: Mentor at Innovation Station vol.4.

We are very pleased to announce that Daniel Lidiyanov, co-founder and CEO of the web agency Weband, will take part as a mentor in the upcoming program "Innovation Station vol.4: Ignite the Change". 🔥

This event is a unique platform for social entrepreneurship and innovation, targeting young generation Z people with a passion for positive changes in society.

🗓️ About the event

Innovation Station: Ignite the Change will take place from 23 to 25 February 2024 at the ABF Sports Hall (AUBG), also known as the "Capitol of Innovation".

Organized by the Better Community Club of the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), the event aims to motivate students and young people aged 16 to 25 to propose original and sustainable solutions to social problems that will contribute to the development of Bulgarian society. 🌟

🎯 The role of Daniel Lidiyanov

Daniel will share his extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of web design, development and marketing, as a mentor to the participants. 💡He will help teams develop their ideas and turn them into real projects with potential for social impact. Daniel's participation underlines our commitment to innovation, social responsibility and supporting young entrepreneurs. 🤝🏼

Why is this important to Weband?

Daniel Lidiyanov's participation in Innovation Station vol.4 is proof of Weband's aspiration for constant development and innovation, not only in a technological aspect, but also in a social context. 🚀 This is an opportunity to demonstrate our support for young people and their passion for creating positive changes in society. 🔥

We are proud of Daniel's participation in such a significant initiative as Innovation Station vol.4: Ignite the Change. 😌 His role as a mentor not only underscores our commitment to social responsibility, but also our belief in the power of young people to bring about change.

We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas that will be presented at the event come to fruition and are confident that Daniel's involvement will be key to their success. 🙌🏼