Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev

Web(and) Talks

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Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.

Turning girls into the queens they really are. My name is Kaloian Toshev MZK and I'm an artist, illustrator and designer on a mission to bring more beauty to the world.

How did you learn about NFT and decide to do it?

A year ago I saw some artists who like to talk about NFT and I found it interesting. I rummaged around a bit and when I understood the concept I immediately liked the idea. I quickly realized that there is great potential and I immediately started thinking about how I could start doing this, 3 weeks later I released my 1st drop.

As the best-selling NFT artist in Bulgaria, what advice would you give to people who are just starting out in this art?

Don't rush to launch NFT, first get to know the community on Twitter, find your way around and see what other artists are doing, how they are communicating, what they are talking about and so on. It's good to first potentially find someone to sell NFT to before you create it. There are already many artists who create NFTs, and it's hard for collectors to just find you. We as artists need to market ourselves so that our works reach the right people.

Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.
Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev. Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.

What opportunities does NFT give to artists and to you in particular?

As a digital artist, NFT gives me a market. Before the advent of NFTs, the digital arts had no market and I had to either work for clients or sell merch (T-shirts, posters, glasses ...). Now there are collectors who want to buy my art in its purest form.

What do we need to start creating NFT art?

Branded Twitter profile and some time spent in the NFT world. Crypto wallet, best MetaMask. Initial amount for the creation of NFT, depending on the current fees, between $ 50 and $ 150. Some of your best works, I recommend not to start with a large number, 3-5 is ok.

Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.
Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.

How does NFT help business and can it be used not only for art?

May. NFTs started with art, but have the potential to change many areas. We have yet to see how NFTs are entering other areas. For example, it would be super convenient for your car to be NFT, so always, everyone will be able to see when it was created and by whom, when it was bought, at what kilometers it was resold, for how much, etc. In general, everyone will be able to see the whole history of the car and no one can change it.

Why would one buy digital art instead of physical one?

Simply put, an investment in the future. People who buy NFT believe that cryptocurrencies are the future and in such a world all kinds of digital assets and not only tomorrow will be NFTs. Accordingly, now buy cheap.

Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.
Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev. Web(and) Talks with Kaloian Toshev.

Can NFT be sold successfully in Bulgaria?

You can, we have more than one example of artists who sell as well as several successful projects, such as Sublimes, of which I am a part. The key is that it is mainly sold online all over the world, not only in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the community is still quite small.

And last but not least, what are your boldest dreams related to digital art?

To arrange and work on an equal footing with the great artists in the field I have been following for years.

๐ŸŒŽ Kaloian Toshev's Website: www.mzkmzk.com

๐Ÿ“ท Instagram: @mzkvisuals

๐Ÿฆ Twitter: twitter.com/mzkvisuals

๐Ÿ’ธ Foundation: foundation.app/@mzkvisuals

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