File recovery programs


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File recovery programs.

There is hardly a person who has not tingled just a second after pressing the Delete key on the keyboard. Don't worry! Not everything is lost. In Windows, deleted files are moved to the Recycle Bin and can be easily recovered. Unless you used the command that sends them directly into non-existence. And again - calm down! There is special software that can solve this problem as well. In this issue of "Press F1" we are talking about them.

In the cases where data recovery software is most often used, these are the moments when we delete files and we do not know if they are actually deleted or lost. They are perfect at this point because we will know how to proceed. These are the moments when external memory devices become unreadable by the computer. In the most common version, in which users receive a message that the flash memory can no longer be read and formatting is needed, then the software would be useful.

To get acquainted with the principle of hard disk recovery, it may be good to know how the hard disk itself works. This is a device that contains a disc similar to the CDs we know but in a smaller size. The data is physically stored on this disk, using a pen-sized turntable pen. As we well know, data is stored in the form of ones and zeros. The moment we delete a file and put it in the Recycle Bin, we do not make it disappear, but rather delete the path to it. Data recovery software locates everything on this disk and indicates the information contained on it.

Daniel Lidiyanov
Co-founder and manager of the web agency Weband