Kod: Motion Blagoevgrad 2019


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Kod: Motion Blagoevgrad  2019.

The conference Kod: Motion was held for the fourth consecutive time. The event took place on October 5th (Saturday) at the American University's “Dr Carl Jerrassi” Theater Hall, and again we had the pleasure of being sponsors and an active part of the organizational process.

We are more than happy that with every conference there is an increase in the curious and motivated young people attending the event. They listened with interest and took in from the experience of our lecturers, who again immersed us in the magical Digital world and told us about the peculiarities of marketing, programming, design, management, sales, video and the future of the industry.

We opened the event with a discussion between several of our lecturers and organizers, each extremely experienced and experienced in their field. They talked about the successful project and the processes it goes through. Daniel Lydianov was the moderator, provoking questions from both the lecturers and the audience, who actively participated in the discussion. Then we continued with PVDigital creator Peter Vladimirov, who told us about the successful marketing project. Ivan Ginev from Cog Graphics shared with us what design is. His presentation included similarities and differences between design and art. He also talked about the different types of design and the experience he has in the field. Our star Angel Miladinov passed along some of his knowledge in the programming field. He talked about how a website is developed, the difficulties that he encounters in his work, and how he comes up with technological solutions for them. SoftUni Digital & SoftUni Creative Educational Director Alexander Ivanov shared with us about his passion in management, how to manage and develop a project, and what qualities a project manager needs. Afterwards was Plamen Popov, who explained what it is like to be an entrepreneur, how to be successful in sales and what steps you need to go through. From there, Joseph Al-Ahmad took the stage and talked about the film industry, and in particular how to produce a quality video material. He had taken some of the time of his lecture to show us a short film entirely created by artificial intelligence, which left most of the audience in the mind. Our last lecturer was Ivan Vankov (Gatakka), who preferred his lecture to be more like a conversation between him and young, who with interest listened and discussed the topic about innovations and the future of technology.

The day passed, learning new things, inspired to ask questions and to be interested in the topics of the event, learning from one another, making new friends and acquaintances, discussing what was learned, playing games, and finally the event was completed by applying the knowledge in a practical exercise that was combined with fun.

Our youngest assistant Deyan had a key role at the event. At only 9 years old, he actively went around the audience and gave voice to anyone who had questions to the person on the stage. He did not surrender until the end of the event, glowing with energy and interest all the time.