Web(and) Talks with Justine Toms

Web(and) Talks

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Web(and) Talks with Justine Toms.

Since 1999 to date, she is the founder of the competitions BG Site (1998 - 2014) and Site of the Year (2018 - to date), stimulating the development of the Bulgarian online space and giving room for the expression of talented Bulgarian web professionals - designers, programmers, marketers.

Justine Toms about "Site of the Year":

For people who don't know, tell us what lies behind the organization and implementation of such a large-scale event?

There is a lot, a lot of work of a small team of people with whom we work well - we have been doing it for years. We also need the great support of the whole industry - the jury, the partners, the participants. And a lot of passion - a person to love what he does.

Was there an idea for a competition intended mainly for young people, beginners in the field, people who are freelancers or amateurs?

This competition takes a lot of effort. There is a new solution with the Youth Jury to introduce younger professionals to the web. There is a similar one to colleagues from Plovdiv, aimed only at young people.

Tell us a little more about the long-awaited "Map of the Bulgarian Internet Industry".

We want and prepare a convenient tool through which people online - customers, clients, to better navigate in digital companies and who offers what. We understand the specifics, but this is not necessary for each of our clients. With the map, we want to make them easier. And to show the diversity of the industry and our strength.

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What new can we expect from "Site of the Year" in the future?

The jury and the friends of the Competition are the ones who decide what new needs to be introduced in order for the competition to be up-to-date and to give the best for the industry. I believe there will be news next year as well - follow the channels of the Competition. :)

What are the most common reasons you have noticed stopping people from participating in the Contest?

It's perfectly normal to be disappointed, especially when the focus is on getting a reward. Of all the participants, no matter how good they are, only one takes a statuette in a category. For me, participation should be motivated by a much wider range of views - be part of the industry, set your watch, to get feedback. I believe anyone who wants to be a part of this wonderful endeavor can find their own right motivation.

We know that one of your interests is urban agriculture. Why does this have a positive effect on us and how can we most easily get started?

Everyone will find for themselves their own way to rest, to recharge, to be inspired. For me, nature, in general, is a source of a lot of energy and a great teacher. The beginning is easy - seeds for an interesting plant, a little soil, water, desire, and patience. The fruits come after that - the power of life is great!

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