Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021


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Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.

A few days ago, for the fourth time in a row, the awarding for the best site in the competition "Site of the Year" took place!

This year there were 11 categories in which all 125 participating sites were rated in five segments - Programming, Design, Marketing, Mobile Application, and Law.

For the first time this year, the main jury included a youth jury of 15 people, divided into modules Design, Programming, and Marketing. They helped each participant to get detailed expertise for their projects, and of course, the main jury traditionally left their final assessment and comments with opinions and recommendations.

Besides Daniel Lidiyanov, who was part of the main jury this year as well, Petya Yaneva and Velizar Delyanov also took part as a junior jury!

This year, Weband managed to participate together with our partners and clients in 5 of the categories, in one of which we took first place with the site of the Magic Gathering "Golden Cat" (Category "Event Site")!

Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.
Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021. Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.

"Golden Cat" is an annual event, almost 10 years old, which brings together magicians from around the world, not anywhere, but here - in Bulgaria, Gabrovo. Official guests and speakers of the event are world-famous illusionists, and the participants in the "small" magical society reach 200 people. At the beginning of each spring, a large-scale three-day event is organized for all participants, and on Sunday evening there is a gala performance for all residents of Gabrovo and beyond

Some of our founders - Angel and Daniel, took the award for first place in the category "Event Site", on behalf of the event. They didn't forget to leave a comment on how the event, among other things, is their personal cause, as tricks and magic are the things that brought them together long before they started working on the web. Now you know why there are so many magical elements at the heart of our branding and corporate philosophy.

Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021 image
Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.
Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.

In addition to "Golden Cat", the other sites we participated with were:

  1. TEHNAD - A safe place in a dangerous world - Category "Corporate site"

  2. SK Dal Siat AD - Accounting is a science and art - Category "Corporate website"

  3. BuyBest.BG - Your trusted platform for mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and wireless headphones at the best prices - Category "Online store"

  4. Weband Studio - Category "Startup or small business site"

  5. "Za Sofia" - Category "Cause / NGO site"

We are extremely happy that this year we managed to gather live at the City Stage, where we could meet with most of the participants and the jury.

We are grateful to Justin Toms, Lyubomir Rusanov, Metodi Drenovski, as well as to the whole team behind the organization of the Site of the Year. We know very well that creating such an event and organizing such successful people is not an easy task. Our common cause, namely to build together an environment and a community for better online services for businesses and organizations in the country, makes organizing and conducting such events a pleasure.

Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021 image Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.
Winners of 'Site of the Year' 2021.

After receiving the comments from the jury, we are even more inspired to make even more efforts so that in 2022 we can show the best of ourselves!

More information about the organization of the competition, participants, and winners can be found here.

Photos from the event you can find on the Facebook page of "Site of the Year".

More about the "Golden Cat" event can be found on the website or Facebook page.

You can learn more about the Magic Gathering "Golden cat" on their website or Facebook page.

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