Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev

Web(and) Talks

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Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev.

A few weeks ago, the largest magic festival in the Balkans took place for the ninth time in a row. How would you describe what a "Golden Cat" is to a person who has never been a part of it?

Magic Gathering "Golden Cat" is an experience. An unforgettable emotion for all participants, which keeps the souls warm for at least 365 days. A mystical oasis where the impossible is possible, visions are a reality, and creative thought knows no bounds. A spectacle that must be seen with the eyes and felt with the heart. Only those who have been here knowing what everyone else is missing!

Many people know you from the Bulgarian TV reality "The Farm 6". Does this hinder or help Dani Magix more?

The image, Dani Magix, died a long time ago along with my ego. At the Farm, people saw another image, Dancho, occasionally replaced by Danyo the Rich. The mass of people does not understand when an image is a work of art and when it is real. But that doesn't really matter, because one of the basic rules of marketing is, "There's NO bad advertising!" That's why popularity and contacts in television circles certainly help a lot. Here comes the personal choice, whether you will use them for your own benefit or help to develop something meaningful.

Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev.
Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev. Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev.

What is common and different between "Golden Cat", "Quick Hands Project" and "Kings of Magic"?

What all these things have in common is the love of art and a desire to develop! The difference is that QHP is the father of the other two projects, but it was created because both the Golden Cat and the Kings of Magic needed an organization to stand behind them. So here you can argue, which is the first egg or hen, cat or Project. The kings of magic originated two years after the creation of the QHP, in order to provide a stage for the performance of our members and generate funds to support the club.

How do you explain that the festival is the largest in the Balkans, but in Bulgaria, there is no such popularity among the people?

Wizards around the world are neither very popular nor very rich. With the exception of a dozen names, most are completely ordinary artists. Magic is fighting for recognition and promotion worldwide. I report as our mistake, weak marketing strategy, lack of advertising budget and inconsistency in the information channels. Nowadays, in order to be popular, you have to be constantly in front of people's eyes, otherwise, the constantly rising flow of information throws you into the mud. I hope that our joint work with Weband will contribute to the promotion of this important event for art.

Magic Gathering "Golden Cat" is once a year. Where do you focus your efforts the rest of the time?

For the last three years, I have been playing the role of Municipal Councilor in the Municipality of Gabrovo, which is very interesting for me and where I learned a lot about the processes of resource and people management. Besides, I'm a student. I am currently in the exam session of the 4th semester, majoring in Political Science. I have several projects related to the magic that were on standby because of the pandemic. And somewhere between all these things, participation and weddings, I manage to find time for my adventurous country and my great love for flying.

Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev.
Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev. Web(and) Talks with Jordan Belev.

What are your wildest dreams related to magic?

I have no dreams related to magic, I have goals. The big goal is to hold the European FISM Championship in Bulgaria and in particular Gabrovo. I think that our work here does not go unnoticed and we already have the recognition of the leading factors that say that we are doing at the highest level. This is the first step towards achieving the goal.

Where can we see you on stage?

Quite a difficult question to specify. My participation and performances are quite diverse. Most are at private events, anniversaries, weddings, corporate holidays. Most often in Sofia, you can see me on the stage of FUZZY BAR, a very cozy and special place in the center.

And lastly - do you attribute your love for the art of illusion to the fact that Gabrovo's blood flows in your veins? :)

I don't know if it's about that or I just believed in my childhood dream, but my Gabrovo blood definitely helps in the realization of all projects. The prudence and ingenuity of a Gabrovo resident are an absolute plus for any entrepreneur.

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