Web(and) Talks with Er’Naste Nasimo


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Web(and) Talks with Er’Naste Nasimo.

Naste, Nasimo, Kardami Kapila Das, or Stanislav Trifonov, is an artist born in Targovishte, who started working in art, specializing in graffiti, in 1995. To date, he has hundreds of painted murals around the world, numerous solo exhibitions, and awards.

Even before 2009 coined the term #Fine Graff Art, which is also the name of the art platform he recently created.

What inspired you to create Fine Graff Art and why did you feel the need for such a platform?

I have been using the term Fine Graff Art since 2009 when I put it on the poster of my first solo exhibition. It came absolutely naturally, because from a young age, before I started doing graffiti, I had an affinity for fine art, I apprenticed with different masters and painted whatever I wanted. So the symbiosis happened quite by itself. I just combined the two disciplines.

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I have had the idea for the platform for several years, but only now did I dare to take the plunge and implement it. I felt that I should do more than develop my talent and decided to help the scene by gathering my favorite Bulgarian artists in one place. Together, I wanted to make a place where we could educate the public about the value of art, its meaning, its impact, its potency, and all the other benefits of having artists who have a position and make valuable professionally sustained works. I'm sick of the mediocre crap being offered to us everywhere.

I want this platform to help artists be more independent, create what they feel, how they feel, and say what's in their heart, without the limitations, we often have to put on ourselves when we work on orders.

How is Fine Graff Art different from other art platforms?

It differs in that there will be a serious filter for the things that appear in it. In this platform, attention will be paid mostly to artists who have also gone through the school of graffiti street art, mural painting, and painting and have a more contemporary style.

What do you hope to achieve with Fine Graff Art?

To bring contemporary masters together, to create a community where we can motivate and inspire each other, to educate the public about the value of authentic art, and to help myself and my colleagues create in peace by selling affordable reproductions of my art.

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What is the process of selecting artists who are part of the platform?

For now, the selection is mine and at this stage, entry is by invitation only.

What role do you think art plays in society and how do you think FineGraff Art can contribute to the development of the contemporary Bulgarian art scene?

Art plays a huge role, it's just that in most cases it's on a subconscious level. What enters through our eyes and ears little by little settles in our minds and whether we want it or not, it begins to influence us. If we are shown vulgar art everywhere, then our criteria for good art begin to fall seriously and we begin to be satisfied with elementary fluff.

There has to be a serious bar to jump if we want to surround ourselves with valuable art to raise our vibrations.

What are your thoughts on the importance of authenticity in art and how does FineGraff Art promote it?

First of all, the platform encourages the entry of artists who have an established authentic style and has the idea of supporting young talents who have a serious request for development. We often lose our authenticity when we try to please a client and the more we try to fit in with them, the more we distance ourselves from ourselves. I personally have a lot of realizations about this, and because I've often lost myself, I'm creating this place for everyone to show work they're proud of and that authentically represents them.

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How is the balance between the accessibility of art and the financial needs of the creator?

That's what reproductions are for, they're affordably priced so that even those connoisseurs who can't afford an original can support their favorite artists and get a valuable copy of one of their favorite works in return. A creator's financial needs are like anyone else's.

Many people think that just because we follow our calling and do something we love, we must be doing it for no money, and our work is often taken lightly. The FGA has the idea of bringing its artists passive income through the sale of reproductions, as well as having the opportunity to exhibit and sell the originals as well.

The entire platform was created by artists for artists and connoisseurs.

What advice would you give to young artists who want to establish themselves in the art world?

Definitely not to skip steps in the process, to smoothly go through all the steps, and not to rush to become an artist. And above all, to follow their inner voice.

What do you think will be the role of technology in the future of art?

Huge. It all depends on who is using it and with what intention. Naturally, people with a lower aesthetic criterion can also choose to skip the artist and use the services of AI.

On the one hand, it allows for even more mass inundation with kitsch, and on the other hand, it can help facilitate the artist's process of finding references. For me, the most important thing is to educate each other about what is really valuable, to raise our criteria, and not be satisfied with the colorful tasks that are offered to us from every booth.

How can people support Fine Graff Art and its mission?

With every purchase of a reproduction or original, one supports the platform and the artists on it. If someone doesn't have the ability to even do that, at least they can like and share, it's not that hard.

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And finally, what exciting plans or projects do you have for Fine Graff Art in the near future and how do you see the platform evolving over time? :)

We are soon preparing an exhibition with my new partners in this mission, where we will officially present all the artists who have participated so far. However, I cannot give details for now.

In the future, I hope to have a real space, not only on the web, where in addition to exhibitions, other educational events, lectures, etc. To develop and increase the artists we work with and present and take a serious position among the world's similar platforms.

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