Weband joined Tuk-Tam: We support young Bulgarians


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Weband joined Tuk-Tam: We support young Bulgarians.

We are proud to announce that Weband has joined the Tuk-Tam platform - the organization that has been working for 15 years to connect Bulgarians worldwide and support young people in Bulgaria.

As one of the first companies in the field to support this mission, we believe in the power of collective efforts and the global Bulgarian community.

Why did we choose Tuk-Tam?

Tuk-Tam has a mission that fully matches our values ​​- to connect, inspire, and support young Bulgarians, regardless of where they are. 🤝 💡 Through this platform, we can reach talent🎯ed professionals and provide them with development and career opportunities in Bulgaria. This is how we contribute to building a better future for our country. 🎯

Our goals as a Tuk-Tam member company

Weband is one of the first companies in the field to support Tuk-Tam and their mission. As such, we are committed to:

  • We support young Bulgarians: We give a field for expression and development to young people by offering various opportunities for work and training.

  • We develop talent: We invest in the training and professional development of young people.

  • We contribute to the community: As part of our company, people are not only part of our team, but also part of the community, participating in various conferences, lectures, and events with people in the industry.

  • We spread Tuk-Tam's mission: We share Tuk-Tam's mission and vision by spreading their goals and helping sustain the buddy model.

Our colleagues who are part of the Weband Tuk-Tam profile as buddies will share their experiences and help anyone interested.

You can learn more about our culture, values ​​, and the opportunities we offer here.

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Why is it important to support each other?

We believe that one should be open to new knowledge, to different points of view, and to helping people who can learn from one's experience and knowledge. ✨ At the same time, he is ready and wants to develop daily. That's why we recognized Tuk-Tam's mission and were willing to join as people on the platform in the first place.