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E-commerce Solutions

BuyBest is one of the largest resellers on the Bulgarian market, with many years of experience in selling phones and established standards on the market. Due to their competitive prices, they manage to be an extremely good alternative to other mobile equipment stores.

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BuyBest turned to us with a request to resolve narrow technical cases in the implementation of internal processes related to the operation of the site. As a presentation site, they have a fully customized CRM order management system and a Warehouse, which brings together several stores.


The task with BuyBest was not easy at all. We had to delve deeply into all possible functionalities and find a solution for optimizing work and technical processes. Of course, with (not) much peace of mind and hard work, we managed to develop and upgrade the existing systems for BuyBest today to have some of the most modern own processes of work and distribution of mobile phones and accessories.

Thanks to our long-term collaboration, they trusted us to have a hand in their overall presence as a brand, building a completely new design for their online store.

Due to the outdated vision and the scarce information on the old BuyBest site, the consumer path was quite confusing and potential buyers 'fell' on the path.

Using proven practices and design approaches, we managed to make the BuyBest site extremely easy to use, modern, and in line with trends in the field of E-commerce.

Today, BuyBest boasts an innovative approach that allows consumers to quickly choose, configure and purchase a product with different payment methods.

Advantages of BuyBest:

✅ One of the few sites on our market using an integrated 3D system for visualization and comparison of products.

✅ An extremely fast purchase model is needed for any high-turnover online store.

✅ Flexible payment methods, additions, and configuration of products with appropriate accessories and services.

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