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Dal Siat. Dal Siat

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E-commerce Solutions

SK Dal Siat is a joint-stock company, which from the very beginning was run by a Doctor of Economics. For 29 years on the market, it can be safely claimed that it is one of the leaders in its industry.

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SK Dal Siat is our long-standing partner and it is a great pleasure for us to work with their wonderful team. Together we were challenged to make their old site the epitome of modern technology, design trends, and UX practices.

The process of creating was challenging and interesting, providing both parties with a lot of new experience and knowledge. Thanks to their assistance, we have created several user paths and profiles that have played a key role in the final creation of the product. We have analyzed the needs and requirements of their customers and created a product that not only provides the necessary value but even more.

All this combined with an excellent technical performance created a final product that exceeded our expectations.

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