CityGate - Discover the city.
CityGate - Discover the city. CityGate - Discover the city

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Product websites

We had the great pleasure and privilege to create a complete design concept for a modern and innovative product website for CityGate - a brand of dsk Ventures group of services.

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DSK Ventures is a company of the largest bank in Bulgaria - DSK Bank, for managing innovation services and supporting the creation and development of new enterprises.

The mission of the CityGate brand is to facilitate and enrich the lives of the citizens and guests of the respective city, in several main directions and verticals, one of which is transportation and entertainment.


One of our main goals was to present all available information about the brand, the verticals, and the services offered to them, in a way that is quickly and easily accessible to users, taking into account all target audiences - B2B, B2C, B2G. Relying on proven good design practices, numerous studies, and a detailed project brief and assignment, our mission was to make the site UX-friendly so people find what they need quickly and intuitively.

One of the challenges of such projects is to introduce users to something new that they have yet to encounter, presenting them with a wealth of information in a way that does not overwhelm them and make them leave the site, but on the contrary - intrigues them.

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The other main task set before the team was to get all the users of the site to delve into the CityGate ecosystem by downloading the app from one of the available channels and taking advantage of all the available services to make their stay in the city hassle-free.

Last but not least, was the opportunity for users from all localities to see how and where they can benefit from CityGate's services.

How we solved the problems

In which locations is the service active?

In order for users to quickly and easily understand where and which services they can benefit from in the given locality are available, we have created several tracking capabilities:

  1. We have created an interactive map showing all available locations where CityGate currently operates, with the option to filter by service.

  2. We laid out a map with all active cities for a single service. This way, if users come from a targeted ad for a service, they can quickly and easily see that the "Public Transport" service, for example, is available in a certain number of locations.

  3. Additionally, in the presented part of the site, we have positioned labels with information about the settlements of each service and we have given the option of filtering by available cities in the listing with all services, for quick navigation of users.

Download the application

It was key to understand how users of this type of service would consume information in order to encourage them to download the app.

For this purpose, we bet on a standard approach in which we remind users about the presence of an application at the end of each page, in the form of a CTA (Call to Action), as well as when opening the Burger navigation.

In this way, we do not impose on users unnecessarily, that they are required to download the app and we allow them to familiarize themselves with CityGate services as much as possible and then download the app.

Overall feel and look

Based on CityGate's brand identity and to best convey the feeling of something innovative, modern, and designed for people, we opted for a clean design, rounded elements, non-standard sections, large titles, and measured empty space, allowing the user to 'breathe', to feel calm and unburdened with a lot of information.

To quickly convey the message of the brand, we bet on the concept of an urban environment, namely - broken and colorful. This is how we influence users to intuitively connect CityGate with the city and associate all services easily, across city services.

We were inspired as much as possible by the idea that CityGate has a vision of a modern city, so the feeling is similar to Fintech design trends.

Color separation

Using the wide range of colors afforded us by CItyGate's brand identity, we have created an understated yet colorful design that uses color as a means to guide users through the main color sections. Anyway to tell them that CityGate is a modern and innovative company, aiming to modernize the city we live in.

To keep the design clean and easy to understand, we settled on a main color combination of black with an accent color of orange. Our goal was not to give the feel of a standard corporate identity, but something modern that could relate to all age groups without being obtrusive.


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