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Corporate Websites

The Iris Studio team sought us out with the desire to redesign their current site, betting on it being, first of all, intuitive and functional, with a modern look, optimized, and Responsive. One of our main missions was to improve SEO and UX.

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Our main task was to create a new, modern, intuitive, and SEO-optimized site for Iris Studio. Our mission was to develop something that not only captures the attention of visitors but also provides the necessary information easily and pleasantly.

The challenge

The site had confusing navigation, outdated and duplicate content, a lack of SEO optimization, and a design that did not reflect the dynamics, and professional and personal attitude of the studio. It was a challenge that required an innovative approach and creative thinking.

Our solution

We started with a detailed analysis of the old site to identify key areas for improvement. After that, we focused on developing a new structure that would facilitate navigation and improve the user experience on the site. We created a contemporary design that matched the visual identity of Iris Studio and emphasized its uniqueness in the field of photography.

We have embedded relevant metadata on the site, Onpage SEO and Optimization. Our goal was to make the site not only look good but also be easily discoverable in search engines. In addition, we created dynamic elements such as animations and interactive features to make the site more attractive and engaging.

One of the key aspects of the project was the integration with Calendly, which allows Iris Studio customers to easily book shoot times.


The result of our work was exceeding the client's expectations. Iris Studio's new website not only has a great new, modern, and edgy look that it deserves but also offers a vastly improved user experience and SEO results.

We are very happy that our joint efforts also received positive feedback from the customer, which you can see in Clutch.


It was our pleasure to work together with such a nice team of professionals, creating the new site for such a service as the studio offers, namely - Iris Photography!

Do you want your site to be the next "Site of the Year"?

If you also need a new site and would like us to create the best for you together, do not hesitate to contact us.


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