Web(and) Talks with Aristotelis Kokinis

Web(and) Talks

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Web(and) Talks with Aristotelis Kokinis.

Aristotelis Kokinis or Aris for short has managed to create something that intrigues over 270,000 people on social media. Namely - one of the most famous Instagram meme pages, which he created in 2018.

Is the success of memes so far a long-term strategy or a limited development?

I never had a strategy, initially, even my goal was to achieve my first 5k in one year, which became much faster than expected, I'm sure it's organic.

Pustinyak Beer, Krisko, Emil TRF, V:RGO, Atanas Kolev, Aladin Foods, Footshop - what do you and these people have in common?

All these individuals, companies, and colleagues support my project, principles, and views in their own way, just as I support them.

How can a business take advantage of the widespread popularity of memes to make a successful advertising campaign?

Memes are a universal tool that can be "manipulated" easily depending on the goal you are pursuing, in business terms they can be used for advertising campaigns or recommendations.

What are the mistakes that people make when creating meme pages?

A common mistake is initially the idea and goal of creating such a page, most people start because they strive for rapid growth quote (and I will make such a page to become famous).

Another mistake is incorrect promotion, spamming on famous free advertising pages shows unpreparedness and almost everyone will ignore you.

And one last mistake - most people do not choose carefully what type of content they want to publish. Choose content that you are good at and diversify.

How many hours a day do you spend developing pages, and is it possible that this is a full-time job?

Years ago, when I started, I spent 3-4 hours, but now I'm trying 2-3. In the future, I'm sure it will be possible because I already know people who do this full time.

Why do you think the meme format intrigues so many people?

Many people think that this is art in their own way, and yet "memes" are not new. The first one was ever created in 1996 and was the CGI of a dancing baby. This technically means that the term meme is from the last century. It is interesting because one can express oneself freely.

The text can be short or long. The photo can be from the Internet, personal, or created by him. And meaning can be interpreted in thousands of ways.

Where do you get the inspiration to create content?

I was fascinated from an early age because I had a great imagination. But as the main source, I would say the followers themselves. Looking at how I have shaped society and reading the messages from them, I realize that I am useful with something, albeit a little.

And lastly - how do your loved ones perceive your great attraction to this hobby (or already a job)? :)

In my case, the relatives are my friends and they fully support me in what I do, because I share the benefits of my hobby with them.

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