How we created our 3D Christmas card


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How we created our 3D Christmas card.

As most of you may know, in the last months of the past 2021, we worked hard to create a fully modeled 3D Christmas card - game!

In addition to our desire to share this exciting holiday experience with users, we also wanted to give our friends, colleagues, partners, and customers the opportunity to participate, receive innovative advertising, and the opportunity for new customers and visit their site.

The process of creating such a project was complex and long.

In the beginning, the most important thing was to reach a common vision and create a clear plan of action. Each of us had many abstract, ambitious, and creative ideas that we wanted to implement. But we had to focus on the most basic things in the game because we had limited time to create the game and many of the details later disappeared.

The design of the game depended directly on the gamification strategy (gamification), so in parallel with the elements and the UI, we thought in the direction of the possibilities of action that users will have.

How we created our 3D Christmas card image

Subsequently, it was time to clarify the marketing strategy - social media presence, email marketing, B2B strategy, and advertising campaign.

Along with the Facebook advertising campaign, the idea for an offline one was born. We created and printed stickers with personalized QR codes, distributing an equal number of them to each member of the team. Using the QR code, we could track whose sticker collected the most scans. Apart from an innovative advertising campaign, it was also a competition/game between the people in the team.

You can read more about the idea, design, programming, advertising campaign, B2B strategy, and project creation processes here.